Help Abarth Pick Out Its Next Debut Color For The Next Gen Electrified Abarth Vehicle!

Acid Yellow Or Poison Blue...

Recently, Abarth held its first online poll, in which it asked its enthusiast base to judge a new Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) sound for its electric vehicles in the future. AVAS is used on electric vehicles, due to the silent operation of the vehicle to warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence. Nearly 120,000 people voted on the topic, helping the brand to engage more with its fans to develop the next generation of electric Abarth performance vehicles. 

Solidifying the connection between the brand and its enthusiasts, Abarth has started on its official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages, its second chapter of “Abarth Performance Creators”, the online tool which will allow fans to express their preferences on the debut color of new Abarth vehicles.

The proposed colors for the next Abarth vehicle. (Abarth).

Two new and exclusive pastel liveries are competing for the title. They exhibit a pure “urban race” style and have been specifically designed by experts at the Abarth Style Center to accompany the evolution of the brand based on its values of metropolitan Style and sustainable Performance.

Both colors reflect the energy, the performance, and the personality of the brand and Abarthists, who will have to choose between two specific shades: Acid Yellow and Poison Blue.

The proposed colors for the next Abarth vehicle. (Abarth).

The first color is Acid Yellow and was inspired by the adrenaline-fueled experience of Abarth’s sporty driving, as well as being traditionally associated with the creative energy that gives life and illuminates the future. The designers wanted to create a pure and “poisonous” livery that instantly conveyed its irreverent personality and at the same time made the small sports car stand out in an urban environment. The end result looks like the flash of a lightning bolt, which certainly will not go unnoticed in cities where cars “dressed” in neutral colors predominate.

In a clear tribute to the Scorpion’s racing vehicles (the legendary 131 Rally comes to mind), the Poison Blue livery launches the brand towards the future of mobility, while fully respecting its values and style. Indeed, it is this new shade of saturated blue that will bring Abarth’s sporty driving experience to everyday life. The brand’s fans will be mesmerized by this color which unites the past and future.

Currently “The Scorpion” community—which you can join for free at abarth.com/scorpionship – has over 160,000 members, which includes both Abarth fans and owners. There are 93 official clubs located globally in over 22 countries on 4 continents. Their passion knows no limits, as was demonstrated at the end of 2020 on Abarth digital day when its community was entered into the Guinness World RecordsTM for the largest ever digital gathering.


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