HELLCAT The World: Chrysler Pacifica SRT Hellcat Is BACK!

Digital Artist Shows His A More In-Depth Look At His Ultimate Minivan...

In December, a digital designer on Instagram got the car world buzzing with his interpretation of designing a Hellcat-powered Chrysler Pacifica. It wasn’t the first time we had seen the idea, as Head of Design for Stellantis, Ralph Gilles sketched such a machine while out for dinner in January 2016. But Abimelec Arellano (@AbimelecDesigns), has fascinated us once again by creating even more digital images of his proposal for the supercharged minivan.

Chrysler Pacifica SRT Hellcat Design by Abimelec Designs. (AbimelecDesigns).

His most recent post on Instagram shows us multiple 3D illustrations of his original design, but while we get a full 360-degree view of his original idea, he has even added images with several of Dodge//SRT’s popular high-impact colors like B5 Blue, IndiGo Blue (Ocean Blue), TorRed, F8 Green (Green Metallic), Octane Red (Velvet Red), and Plum Crazy. We would have loved to see the famed Yellow Jacket and Sublime colors thrown into the mix, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Abimelec’s post included a caption of, “Hellcat Pacifica is back! This has been one of the most popular renderings I’ve done, so I figured it was only appropriate to give it a follow-up, this time in full 3D, to showcase what was not possible in the first 2D Photoshop-produced image. It’s all pretty much a replica of that original render, with the addition of WK1 SRT8 Jeep-inspired exhausts, and some new colors! What’s left to do now? Tag @chrysler of course 😉🤣”.

Chrysler Pacifica SRT Hellcat Design by Abimelec Designs. (AbimelecDesigns).

While the supercharged HEMI days may be coming to an end in the next few years, Stellantis continues to throw a supercharged 6.2-liter HELLCAT HEMI V8 into pretty much anything it can. While it would be more challenging to put the powerplant into the transverse front-wheel-drive (FWD) based architecture of the Pacifica, Chrysler recently equipped the Pacifica with all-wheel-drive (AWD) on certain models. We think the Mopar team should find somehow to shoehorn the HELLCAT HEMI into its beloved minivan, for at least a Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show vehicle.

If built, we would be one of the most talked-about vehicles for years to come and bring a lot of attention to the Chrysler minivan lineup, which prides itself as the first minivan to offer a hybrid model. With today’s automotive world moving to electrification, there are plenty of petrol heads who run the carpool lane at the local elementary school who would be daydreaming of such a vehicle.

Are you listening Mopar and Chrysler? Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. So what do you think of the design? Let us know in the comments below and/or in the MoparInsiders.com forums.

Chrysler Pacifica SRT Hellcat Design by Abimelec Designs Image Gallery:

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Chrysler should add RT version with the turbo from the Giulia and AWD with the body kit.

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Chrysler could use a Halo car if it wants to re-splash into the market.... I think a Prowler/Cruiser like model would be better aligned....

(food for thought - would the Cruiser been the success it was if it was the Plymouth Touring Cruiser)

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