FCA US Gathers Nearly 1,000 Employees To Help ‘Remodel Lives’ In Detroit:

Employees & Volunteers Help Detroiters Revitalize Community...

Next week (Oct. 1-6), nearly 1,000 FCA US LLC Motor Citizens (employee-volunteers) will join Detroit-based nonprofit Life Remodeled as it continues to change lives and revitalize the neighborhood surrounding the Durfee Innovation Society (the former Durfee Elementary Middle School) and Central High School.

Additional Facts:

  • This year marks the fourth year in a row that Motor Citizens has joined forces with Life Remodeled
  • Life Remodeled represents the single largest deployment of Motor Citizens each year, engaging a wide array of FCA US employee-volunteers from the company’s metro Detroit offices and facilities
  • In 2017, Motor Citizens volunteered a total of 15,000 hours with Detroit nonprofit organizations
Life Remodeled represents the single, largest deployment of Motor Citizens each year. (FCA US).

In the coming week, Life Remodeled plans to mobilize 10,000 volunteers on the same blocks, but go beyond blight removal. Projects include planting 1,000 trees and perennials, building community gardens and installing little free libraries. Volunteers will also help designate the safest routes to schools with artwork, upgrade several parks, install new bus shelters and add neighborhood signage.

Last year, more than 750 FCA US Motor Citizens helped Life Remodeled:

  • Repair 53 homes
  • Board up 534 vacant houses
  • Remove blight on 367 city blocks

“As a company that employs nearly 6,000 people in the city of Detroit, we know that our partnerships with nonprofit organizations and community, academic and local leaders provide an important connection between our employees and the communities in which they live and work,” said Christine Estereicher, FCA Foundation CEO and Director, State Affairs, Civic Engagement & External Affairs, FCA US LLC. “Supporting our communities through charitable initiatives, such as Life Remodeled, is essential to the continued advancement of the social and economic development of the area.”

Last year, more than 750 FCA US Motor Citizens helped Life Remodeled board up 534 vacant houses in Detroit. (FCA US).

In addition to providing much-needed human resources, FCA US and its charitable arm, the FCA Foundation, donated a combined $40,000 to Life Remodeled.

Source: FCA US Media


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