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The rumble bee series of trucks


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Dec 6, 2023
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I recently seen a post about a 2004 rumble bee truck.
My question is simple. What the hell were they thinking. First off. The b series of cars were in the 60s and 70s. Chargers, satellites, super bee, and the like. B style bodies.
So in the 2000s. Some genius decided to make a truck , call it the rumble 🐝 bee.
To me it doesn’t make sence.
So with that said. I modified my 2017. 5.7 hemi. With a different exhaust. Cold air intake and reprogrammed the pcm.
Throttle response module . Simple modifications to create a faster and more adgile truck .
What were the Dodge Ram people thinking.
Just saying
Yes. I rebranded my crew cab pick up.
Love watched the faces of the mustang and Camaro kids. As I blow past them


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