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Stellantis CEO Hefty Compensation Package Sparks Controversy

Despite Stellantis’ recent efforts to trim its workforce and navigate the challenging transition to electric vehicles (EVs), CEO Carlos Tavares finds himself in the spotlight once again, this time over his eye-popping €36.5 million ($39 million) compensation package. The substantial increase in Tavares’ pay, up nearly 60% from the previous year, has drawn criticism from shareholder advisory firms and raised eyebrows among investors. At the heart of the controversy is a new €10 million ($10.7 million) incentive award tied to meeting electrification and software goals, which some argue is excessive given the company’s cost-cutting measures and tough savings targets. Advisory … (read full article...)

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Apr 17, 2024
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unbelievable push to electrification that is totally unsustainable, NOBODY WANTS THEM, NOBODY INCLUDING THE DEALERS
we don't have a vehicle to replace the Challenger or Charger, dubious insane price increase, NO FACTORY SUPPORT, engineering being moved to India, outsourcing IT and engineering, mi-spelled words on the radio and settings, just for starts
at some point someone need to rethink the direction before its too late


Dec 3, 2020
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Zero development for 15 years on:
Durango, Challenger, Charger, 300 chassis and bot 5.7 & 6.4 NA Hemis. Everything was live for the moment supercharged Hemis and sending money to Italy. Only new trim packages for the US and spreading technology from top end models across other productlines.

- All In on Electrification was a total waste.
- Big price increases for old product.
- UAW & Stellantis is out of touch with the customer.
- 29 Million for a CEO who is another worthless investment.

CDJR has been crucified for the rest of the Stellantis world product. I check once a week hoping for a car guy with some sense to correct things but still no sign of it. These are sad times again for CDJR.

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