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Hot Wheels Latest RLC Car Is A ’68 Custom Plymouth Barracuda

Jared B

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Apr 21, 2018
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Vancouver B.C
Hot Wheels, the iconic toy car brand beloved by collectors worldwide, has introduced its latest gem for die-hard enthusiasts: the RLC Exclusive ’68 Custom Plymouth Barracuda. Available exclusively to members of the Red Line Club (RLC), this stunning collectible pays homage to the classic Plymouth Barracuda with a modern twist. Features – Powerful Engine: This 1968 Barracuda, with a fully functional hood, sports a 1,000 horsepower HELLEPHANT HEMI® V8 engine detailed on this new casting. Custom Body Modifications: The car boasts stylish body modifications, including fender flares, custom hood inserts, and a sleek rear spoiler, which add a touch of … (read full article...)

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