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Here Is What We Know About The Next-Gen eMuscle Cars So Far!

Here Is What We Know About The Next-Gen eMuscle Cars So Far!​

Next-Gen Muscle Cars Will Be Very Customizable...​


Since the unveiling of the all-new Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee Concept, the enthusiast base has had a ton of questions regarding the production muscle car. And although the SRT Banshee is just a conceptual vehicle, it does hint at the direction the production vehicle is headed.



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Aug 22, 2022
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So this article above, is something that I think that is pretty critical information that doesn't seem to get out into the media enough about the future of the Dodge Brand. What I think is constantly being missed by both the haters and supporters of the brand when talking about the future of the Challenger and the Charger is that they are not completely Dead. With the focus from the brand on the future styling and powertrain direction of the company, it gets lost in the noise that there will still be ICE powered cars from the brand. It just wont be the Hemi power that many love, and I find that interesting when so many speak of the end of Dodge.

I like the hemi, I also like the direction they want to go, but to go from some of the most powerful V8 powered cars to pure electric would be suicide. I will be interested to see how they "fill that gap" in between the two.


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Jun 27, 2018
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There is no mystery they are selling what they got at GREAT MARGIN. The ambiguity is on purpose, anyone only interested in the future of the models are NOT current buyers.

The new ICE powerplants make more HP and Torque then both the Eagle and Apache will being lighter and more efficient. Seems the biggest down side it exhaust note, but is not like a properly tuned exhaust can't be made to sound good though turbos are natural mufflers. They eventually got the V10 to sound decent so surely they can do the same with i6

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