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Digital Artist Brings Back The Dodge Aries Wagon

Few stories rival the resurgence of Chrysler Corporation in the early 1980s. On the precipice of bankruptcy, the indomitable Lee Iacocca, Chrysler’s visionary CEO, saved the company. His persuasive prowess secured government loans that breathed life back into the ailing automaker. The pivotal moment came with a shift in focus from producing large, rear-wheel drive behemoths to a fleet of nimble, front-wheel drive vehicles. Among them were the Plymouth Reliant and Dodge Aries, now revered for their ingenious 6-passenger dual-bench setup and beloved column shifter. Though they didn’t make an immediate impact, these compacts evolved into the backbone of Chrysler’s … (read full article...)

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Jun 27, 2018
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Pop a Opel grill on that and it's a viable product for Europe

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