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Citroen C3 Urban Trail limited /parts


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Nov 29, 2023
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Hello from Greece.

Please, let me ask you this: I have a black Citroen C 3 Mk ii, Exclusive version. I saw some great ones for the Citroen Mk ii/ Urban Trail Limited and I really liked the airbamps on the doors. Please look at the photos I have attached and look at these guards that are on the doors. I want to buy these, see the link.

Citroën C3 ganha versão Urban Trail por R$ 63 590

Since I can't find them in Europe, I would like to ask you to tell me if I can buy them from your country as a spare part, so that I can put them on my C 3. Can you ship to Greece? I would like your help where I can find them. I'll pay what they cost.

Thank you very much, I am anxiously awaiting your reply…


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