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    NASCAR COO Says A New OEM “Close To The Finish Line” About Joining The Sport!

    That is nr2003, not iracing just fyi. Money would be better spent on nascar or indy car and not nhra.
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    Tony Stewart Racing Pulls Drivers Leah Pruett & Matt Hagan From DSR For 2022!

    Tony Shoe got some of Leah's team, if not all of them (i know he got her crew chief). Antron Brown is taking his team with him and Matt is taking his with him as well. I'm gonna guess that Ron will be taking his as well wherever he goes. I know Leah got a new crew chif for next year who was...
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    Tony Stewart Racing Pulls Drivers Leah Pruett & Matt Hagan From DSR For 2022!

    Unless you know something we don't know, nomanufacture has been announced. As it stands right now mopar has no factory drivers for next year as it seems DSR is getting out of running a team
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    Tony Stewart Racing Pulls Drivers Leah Pruett & Matt Hagan From DSR For 2022!

    Even bigger now that Ron Capps has mentioned yesterday was his last day at DSR. As of right now that means Dodge/Mopar has no actual know drivers in nhra in the top 3 divisions
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    Chemical Guys or Adam's Polishes?

    You gotta get a real coating like "cquartz ceramic coating." Work it in sections and you wont get any streaks. You just gotta polish the car before hand so the swirl marks wont be shown. There's no such thing as a fast easy coating that last
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    Does any of the east coast dealers have a Redline Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with all options including rock rails except the DVD entertainment?

    Cargurus is also good for being able to check the whole nation and search by certain options
  7. M Shows Us Some New Leaked Images Of The Upcoming Ram TRX:

    Not feeling that shifter at all, looks like they ripped it out of a jeep just to put it in there
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    2021 Ford F-150 spied mostly uncovered with unique new grille

    Wouldn't a gmc look like a f-150 since this is actully fords design language that gmc picked up afte rthe fact?
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    Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Products

    The detailer i would really only use as a topper/ drying aid. Did you clay bar the car and add the new wax? If now how old is the first layer of wax and what brand, curious how it will hold up
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    Jalopnik: The New Jeep Cherokee's Taillights Have An Idiotic Design

    Comes down to us standards, which tbh are quite bad for lights in general when compared to row
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    Chemical Guys or Adam's Polishes?

    I ended up trying a product from Adams that i haven't tried before after a lot of detailers said is good. I got adams car shampoo and it's really good at a really good price. Keeps it's suds for a long time, very slick, and can be used in a foam cannon
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    NASCAR’s New Cup Car Leads To Many Questions About Dodge’s Return:

    That's just false though. Nascar at this point in time has now stagnated and no longer dropping like it was few years back. It has now market corrected itself to where it always should have been. Even with Indy car growing it still has years to even catch up and pass nascar. Will it do that one...
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    NASCAR’s New Cup Car Leads To Many Questions About Dodge’s Return:

    Why not both? As of right now nascar still has way more viewers then indy
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    Chemical Guys or Adam's Polishes?

    I don't like either tbh, they're both more of a "flashy" company more then anything. There products are alright but they put a lot of time into the design of the bottles and whatnot to get sales that way
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    GM Loses Money On Every 2020 Corvette Under $80,000

    I think they're whole idea of obtainable dream car was thrown out with the c8. I've been saying since it was released that the low msrp was to look good on paper but will go up ove rtime
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    Dodge Is Working On A New Performance UV To Replace Journey:

    I really hope they don't go a charger like design wise. The more "bandit" style grills i see the less i like them, and then the scallops on the side are starting to feel old to me. I understand why people like them, just not my flavor anymore
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    Ford Mustang-Inspired Electric Crossover Spied Virtually Uncovered

    Everything was there to have a great car but they really missed it on the design, especially on the interior. Underpinnings are really good, especially for their first real electric car. I really hope cars don't go teh way of the model 3, because the single screen in the middle is a horrible...
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    FCA Files Patent Related To Upcoming Turbo Inline-6:

    Well when would we hear more about this new vehicle. Should be around the time when i'd want to get a summer car