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  1. toptechx6

    Touch up paint availability

    Unable to find Mopar touch up paint for 2024 Hornet, code is PRR, Hot Tamale Red, any help appreciated.
  2. toptechx6

    click/clunk 2023 Pacifica

    Updating this thread, finally got this fixed on the third service visit (14K) second dealer checked torque and tightened front axle shaft nuts, gone.
  3. toptechx6

    Dodge Hornet

    Latest glitch in our 2024 GT+ only 661 miles on the odometer. Foot detection for rear hatch operation quit working. I am a retired Chrysler product tech so I have a scan tool and found the Power Liftgate Module had one DTC in memory B1004-1, (rear closing lock trunk button-general electrical...
  4. toptechx6

    TSB access?

    I found the following TSB listed on the Chrysler forum that seems like it may apply to my vehicle. If anyone has access to the un-redacted text can you post it here or PM it to me? Thanks. 106000 POWER TRAIN: AXLE ASSEMBLY RECORD_ID: 4316086 Bulletin Number: 9100174 Replacement Service...
  5. toptechx6

    Dodge Hornet

    There are quite a few on lots here in Florida, perhaps because they come into Jacksonville from Italy, still very few on the road.
  6. toptechx6

    Dodge Hornet

    My wife picked up a 2024 GT+ yesterday with Blacktop and Trak Pack. Had to smile looking at the "parts content" portion of the Monroney sticker. How can you have zero US parts content when it indicates the transmission is US?
  7. toptechx6

    click/clunk 2023 Pacifica

    2023 Pacifica, less than 5K on the clock, click or clunk noise from left front most noticeable at lower speeds when changing from pull to coast, also heard on downshifts. Feels like it is just in front of drivers feet. Pathetic excuse for a dealer claimed they could not duplicate any input...
  8. toptechx6

    THE SWARM IS HERE: The Dodge Hornet GT Has Arrived At Dealers!

    Does anyone know if the 9 speed transaxle in the Hornet is based on the ZF design in the mini-van?