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  1. Z

    Next generation charger?

    2022 and 2023 model year will be the same body style... 2024 Charger and Challenger will be ALL NEW!
  2. Z

    My brutally honest opinion of owning an Alfa Romeo Guilia for one year.

    Why I chose the Giulia: Basically I wanted something a bit different and unique that not a lot of people on the road had, I also watched tons of reviews and videos on it and really bought into all the praise and hype. Plus, to me it's an incredibly sexy car. Also it was an upgrade over my 2010...
  3. Z

    AUCTION: Unrestored 1970 Plymouth HEMI Cuda With Only 9,942 Miles!

    AUCTION: Unrestored 1970 Plymouth HEMI Cuda With Only 9,942 Miles! Goes Across The Auction Block On Friday... With the launch of the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, the Plymouth brand launched their third generation of the Barracuda in 6 years. Something...
  4. Z

    What cars do you think have prices that are vastly different than what a normal person think it costs?

    E.g. an average person could see a Boxster and a 911 Turbo or even a GT3 pass them by and probably think both are around 90-100k, or about the starting price of a base 911 even though both are on opposite ends there. A Nissan GT-R...