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    Alfa Romeo News

    The first ordres numbers are not very high for Tonale, only 4200 ordres in 1 month in Europe… but the product is very poor for Alfa Romeo.
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    Stellantis Accelerates Its Low Emission Vehicle Sales Momentum In Europe!

    FIAT 5oe is on the podium in Europe in Q1, Tesla 3 and Y are 1st and 2nd. Very good numbers with Italy not a great EV market in Europe. Like ICE version, the 5oe is a hit all across Europe.
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    Alfa Romeo News

    exFCA has done a great job in terms of quality under Marchionne. Tavares has the job already done, fresh in his hands. ;)
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    Meet The All-Electric Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept!

    It’s a well (not impressive) designed « normal family » car yet, also in the interiors, but in 2025, it may be quite « old »… wait and see.
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    Jeep® Is Majorly Expanding Its Wagoneer Lineup Going Into 2023!

    Ok but were will the new ZF 4gen PHEV be used if not with the new GME L6? Only with GME T4?
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    Jeep® Is Majorly Expanding Its Wagoneer Lineup Going Into 2023!

    So Tavares has cancelled the mega exFCA deal with ZF 4th gen PHEV transmission?
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    Jeep® Is Majorly Expanding Its Wagoneer Lineup Going Into 2023!

    Time to sale all the V8 inventory and the SWB will be L6 only to. Not bad the new L6 in terms of numbers. No PHEV version yet? What a LUXURIOUS interior! Very good!
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    New engines for Dodge Challenger V8 replacements in 2024?

    No replacement for displacement… but the L6 is the (short time) near futur, especially with PHEV tech. Prior to a new full BEV area which will arrive pretty soon.
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    Please bring 500 e back to US!

    I think Tavares will discontinue the FIAT brand in US… the only model US compliant is the new 500e, but the remplacement is already scheduled in 2027 on Small platform, which is a renewed eCMP, and I think that the Small won’t be US compliant to be more competitive in EMEA and LATAM… and all the...
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    Citroën Thinks Smaller Batteries, Charged More Often, Leads To Less Time Wasted!

    50kWh battery is to small for a C-seg Xover car, but ok for the e208-Corsa e B-Hatch sibblings. The limitation is the poor eCMP platform… But the larger EMP2 is also poor designed for BEV… the futur e308 will have only 54kWh of battery and a poor 154hp FWD motor… Former PSA were very late in...
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    Alfa Romeo News

    Very impressive for a « little » B-SUV (4.27m). For me it will be a hit and probably my first non Italian car… thanks to Manley and Tavares… It feels like the same « love at the first sight » as the FIAT 500 in 2007.
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    Alfa Romeo News

    Have you seen the Smart #1?! Very bautyfull design and awsome interiors. With 270hp RWD and a Brabus variant AWD of about 400hp… It seems very difficult to me that a poor CMP based FWD B-SUV will compete with the new Smart… unfortunatly.
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    Please bring 500 e back to US!

    I think they don’t bring the 500e because the next generation will be on STLA Small pf and I don’t know if Mr.T will make the eCMP evolution to Small US compliant… and it’s (next 500e on STLA Small) already scheduled for 2027. I think they will sadly reposition FIAT as a « low end » brand… we...
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    Exactly what does this mean? 800 HP hydrogen- hydra powered HC?

    You read the date… 1st of April. :D Hydrogen is a pure waste of money in automotive… The French part of Stellantis is pushing for this (in LCV segment), but but in my opinion it’s a pure waste of time and money… FIAT and BMW were also at a good aknowlage of Hydrogen decades ago with Panda ans...
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    Alfa Romeo News

    The B-SUV is a bad idea for AR, even more with 1.2 exPSA engine for FWD ICE MHEV P2 variant… the BEV could be interesting if they will add 4x4 features by a rear e-axle in the NextGen eCMP pf « by Turin. If they want to make a réal eQV version, à B-SUV have be powerfull enough, as they said they...
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    The 2023 Maserati GranTurismo Folgore Will Have Over 1,200 Horsepower!

    I think the eMuscle by Dodge will have even more power…
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    SPOTTED: 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce Q4 On Public Roads!

    There are still no French in control… :D Maybe a Portuguese with an Italian who says yes or no.
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    Stellantis Gives Us A Sneak Peek At The Upcoming Jeep® Junior Mini-Compact SUV!

    No, there are only 2 MHEV P2 options in Stellantis, 1.5 GSE (by now) or 1.2 Puretech (by 2023)…
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    SPOTTED: 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce Q4 On Public Roads!

    What French? Meunier is French (from a long time in FCA) and he is doing a good job in Jeep.