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    Meet The ‘Trail-Rated’ 2024 Jeep® Wagoneer S Trailhawk Concept

    What Jeep Trailhawk variants should focus on with future direction of off roading, using SMART technology as Ai in sensing terrain and automatically adjust in mill-seconds.
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    Jeep® Unveils The 2024 Wagoneer S: A Sporty Luxurious Take On The Midsized Electric SUV

    So, how many consumers can afford this vehicle? Keep raising the prices and note, sales are growing less. It is between eating or purchasing a vehicle that sells in the same league of homes in Mississippi.
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    UAW And Stellantis At Odds Over Recent Layoffs

    Forget the profits. To avoid layoffs and to remain competitive, lower the price and build more. They will sell if you drop the price about 30-percent. People are not willing to seek loans at 7 percent and the vehicle cost the same as buying a house in Arkansas.
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    Thieves Swipe $1.2 Million Worth The Cars In Heist At Alabama Dealership

    Sorry, this was inside job of someone either aided these fools, or employee was involved. No different the idiots who stole 30 million dollars from a Federal Reserve Warehouse in LA. Eventually they will be caught. There were three new Ram trucks that was stolen over a weekend at our local...
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    Stellantis Post It’s Sales Numbers For The U.S. In Q1 2024!

    Someone had a new but old Viper still left in their inventory. Interesting though. It could have been a show room floor demo to attract buyers.
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    Stellantis Post It’s Sales Numbers For The U.S. In Q1 2024!

    When vehicles are listed more than 30-percent more than what majority can afford, sales will be affected.
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    Jeep® Recalls Its 2024 Grand Cherokee For Steering Knuckle Issue

    Why? If this was a sub-manufacture, did anyone check the parts first? If not, then remove this sub-manufacture.
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    Cummins Agrees To Pay $1.675 Billion Penalty For Ram Heavy Duty Trucks

    What Justice Department? They are the joke of this century, along with the Federal Blunder of Idiots (FBI). What is not known, how well these trucks ran with the added defeated code. Let alone, the amount of MPG lost with the idiocy of devices.
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    Stellantis Future Product For U.S. Shown In UAW Agreement

    What is happening in Canada factories?
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    Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Jeep® Grand Cherokee

    Sad as it is, without a real hybrid for today's buyer, if the mid size SUV is not over 30MPG, there is going to be an issue of second guessing on whether the vehicles will sale. A two engine option is not going to cut it. I for one, look now for mid-size or even full-size surpassing the...
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    ELECTRIFIED: Ram Officially Introduces The 2025 Ram 1500 REV

    The real mystery is the actual cost and can people actually afford it. Right now, all vehicles need to be 30-percent less on the MSRP to maintain or increase sales. However, not going to happen since pickups are the bread and butter of majority brands.
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    Chrysler/Stellantis - Platform Codes:

    Bob, Kovac Bob, Kovac stated he is going to show the mid-size pickup next month to a selected group for feedback. Is this true?
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    Hurricane for RAM and GC

    When is the RAM REFRESH for the 1500?
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    CAUGHT: We Get Our First Look At The Ram 1500 Battery-Electric Pickup!

    Hopefully, with the extra large battery size, they would be the first to push for a 480 charging system vice the 120 or 240. Charging this beast will be an issue for overnight and ready by morning. :) Again, it will come down to range and towing capabilities.
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    YouTuber Has A Great Way To Prevent Thefts From Stealing Your 300, Charger, and Challenger!

    What is your right hand worth to you would be my response to thieves, when displaying an axe. Law of Moses or the Middle East justice works.
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    Owner Drops Off Jeep® For Oil Change And Gets Sued For A Deadly Accident!

    Ok, I don't get it when the mechanic was negligent in this matter. In the end, for the owner, it will be best to countersue the dealership and the individual to make it a point.