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  1. Keith Mopar

    New guy

    Welcome to the site. Mr. Iacocca did some great things for the Chrysler group.
  2. Keith Mopar

    Newbie from NY

    Welcome, I think MOPAR stands for 'massively over powered and respected'. :p
  3. Keith Mopar

    New here

    Welcome and I agree with you about Allpar, that site went down hill and has not had an any great updated news for a while.
  4. Keith Mopar

    New here, from Nebraska

    Welcome, any old pics of the dealer ship? I love the old dealership pics from the 70's
  5. Keith Mopar

    Dee & Rio

    Welcome to the site. Great pics.
  6. Keith Mopar

    New member

    Welcome to the site. I have 2014 SRT 300 and love it. Any pics?
  7. Keith Mopar

    No avatar

    Yup you got it fixed thanks!
  8. Keith Mopar

    No avatar

    Thanks (y)
  9. Keith Mopar

    No avatar

    Not sure why but I lost my avatar today and I can't load another one. I made a pic less than the 400 x 400 But still errors. Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console.
  10. Keith Mopar

    Mopar Photography Thread!

    I took this pics at Carlisle.
  11. Keith Mopar

    Old newby

    Yes I have a few, 65 Barracuda, 71 Demon, 89 Shadow, 90 Lebaron convertible, 09 Jeep Patriot, 12 ram 3500. 13 300 SRT. Couple of pics, I no longer have the Avenger in 2nd pic.
  12. Keith Mopar

    Old newby

    Hello all, I use to watch Allpar for news but lately they are not updating that site so I looked for a new site with news on new Chrysler product. Mopar or No Car to you.