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    Stellantis exec makes clear more power coming to I-6 Hurricane, but HEMI is gone.

    Please enough with the v8 is an imbalanced engine . And don’t give me the engineering lecture about the inherent balance in an in line six. I understand that without the snippy lectures . But the fact of the matter is , while a 90 degree v8 does have some secondary harmonics, it is also an...
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    Demand For Electric Pickup Trucks Continue To Decline

    Lol. All so predictable
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    Stellantis Post It’s Sales Numbers For The U.S. In Q3 2023!

    I still maintain that they might sell a lot more Hornets if they would actually build them in mass production quantities . What gives?!?!?. Checking current dealer inventory , nothing, not one within 100 mile radius of me.
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    Why Can't Stellantis Build A Next-Gen HEMI® Engine?

    I don’t always agree with you but man you are dead on with this statement.👍👍
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    As expected Elkann is not play with UAW:Warren Truck & Belvidere Closing,Sterling Heights cuts & more IF Strike

    Or the company can ship your job to China or a Vietnam or Malaysia where workers rights to a safe and sanitary work environment with a decent life balance are non existent. Don’t get me wrong , I’ve seen the damage unions can do. But I’ve also seen the total disregard for human beings that...
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    As expected Elkann is not play with UAW:Warren Truck & Belvidere Closing,Sterling Heights cuts & more IF Strike

    So the real question is what exists now other than Jeep, and an aging pickup truck line? This company has very little future in NA.
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    Ram Loaded Up The Rampage Compact Pickup With "Easter Eggs"

    So why don’t they move with it? Detroit auto show would have been a sweet place for a big intro! Yeah FCA saved the Mopar brand but what the heck is left of it now??? Jeep Jeep more Jeep. Give me a break. Yeah I’ll come out flaming because we are a breath away from Mopar being gone, if it’s not...
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    Stellantis Will Have Only One Unveiling At NAIAS In Detroit

    More decals on the hood of a Jeep, or maybe a new color to up charge as a $600 option. Mopar is dead. I recognize very little of what’s left. Long live the happy memories of Mopars of days gone by.
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    Dodge Unleashes "A New Breed" Marketing Campaign For Hornet R/T

    Maybe someone will finally see fit to send a few to the Midatlantic or southeastern US. As of now, have yet to see a SINGLE Hornet on a dealer lot or on the Highway. Not a one.
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    Dodge Dart GLH Concept: A Modern Tribute to a Classic Icon

    Have owned two. Son still has one with 150000 plus miles and he won’t let go of it for anything. Great cars. What a shame that it didn’t catch on better.
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    The Dodge M-80 Concept: A Back-to-Basics Pickup Truck

    Your last paragraph Mr Miller. Spot on. I don’t know about other parts of the nation, but around my parts , small single cab trucks are still prevalent everywhere you turn . Standard cab Dakotas, S10s, Rangers, Toyotas. They are everywhere. And they’ve been out of production for years ! The...
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    Alfa Romeo Confirms The Launch Of A New Supercar In August!

    Easy now. Take another swipe at Lee and you’ll feel better . This is all his fault for sure. You’re a riot as usual. Lol
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    Mopar® Offers 35 Unique Accessories For All-New Ram Rampage

    By the time they bring it to North American market, the compact truck market will have waned. You are right Burke, it’s like watching a comedy of errors. Only problem is there is really nothing funny about it.
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    RUMORS: Ram 1500 Will Come With Two Distinctive Looks

    So they have ceded another market to Ford and Chevy. Interesting strategies we are seeing take hold. So many product lines that they no longer dabble in. Focused high margin business is the only thing on the radar. Interesting indeed.
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    RUMORS: Ram 1500 Will Come With Two Distinctive Looks

    Any news about when or if a regular cab long bed configuration will be added to the latest models?
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    The Ram Rampage Is One Expensive Compact Pickup

    Will we see it? Let me qualify my statement by telling you there has been no bigger Mopar fan through the years than myself. But at this point I have no faith that these people are even capable of getting a new product to market. Look at the Hornet. All this money spent on ineffectual...
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    The Ram Rampage Is One Expensive Compact Pickup

    This bunch is delusional.
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    Dodge Unveils 2024 Hornet R/T GLH Concept with Direct Connection Upgrades

    Starting to look a little more like a Dodge. Fix that blaaah front end and we might have something.