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    Dodge Is Working On A Charger Daytona GT RWD Model

    The same is true of Stellantis USA and GM. Without $40 billion in taxpayer bailout cash, the entire portfolio of GM and Chrysler brands would have failed and disappeared back in 2008, joining AMC, Studebaker, Packard, Nash, Hudson, and Kaiser-Fraser in the automotive graveyard.
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    Chief Propulsion Engineer Talks Powertrain On Electric Rams

    Vehicle sales are slowing across the board and have been for a while; people who point to EVs and say they’re slowing and starting to decline are half right, half wrong. The implicit suggestion that gas car sales are growing is totally false. Overall, cars and housing have inflated in price by...
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    Dodge Is Working On A Charger Daytona GT RWD Model

    There will be a transition, but it will be short. Once the Chinese product starts selling in quantity, ICE will go the way of Oldsmobile.
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    Dodge Is Working On A Charger Daytona GT RWD Model

    If electric is dead, how come Tesla sells almost 15 cars for every Challenger or Charger Dodge manages to sell? Seems to me that the gas guzzling muscle car is dead and some are in denial about it. Dodge either adopts to the change, or keeps shipping obsolete gas cars with ever-shrinking...
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    EPA Releases Official MPG Numbers For 2025 Ram 1500

    If you want torque and gobs of power, the EV is going to be the best bet. The HEMI has dreadful emissions, which is why it’s being cut. It isn’t just about economy but also carbon pollution. Big V8s are pollution monsters and required huge payments for carbon credits that would keep increasing...
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    Stellantis CEO’s Firm Stand: No More Buying Credits, Goodbye HEMI V8s

    A 2017 RAM is eight years old in 2024. If you wait another year to buy that Chevy, that will be your last ICE truck — GM is dropping ICE by 2035.
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    Stellantis CEO’s Firm Stand: No More Buying Credits, Goodbye HEMI V8s

    For now, and not for much longer. ICE engines are on their way out in the next decade. Large displacement engines are on their way out right now. Reactions to the move towards efficiency and low emissions have always been strong. Today’s people angry about the end of the HEMI and the...
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    Dodge's All-New Charger Daytona Will Debut On March 5th

    Sounds like you haven’t used an EV since the original Leaf. A 400 volt architecture car will charge from 20% to 80% in less than 20 minutes at a fast charger. An 800 volt car will get from 20% to 80% in less than ten. And if you’re like most drivers, you’ll rarely use a fast charger anyway...
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    HARMONY-IN-MOTION: Meet The Chrysler Halcyon Concept

    Nope, unless you’re referring to the coupe (which was a stretched Eclipse). The Sebring sedan was based on an updated JA “cloud car” platform and was 100% Chrysler. Same with the Sebring convertible, which was based on a strengthened JA platform with additional crossmembers for greater...
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    HARMONY-IN-MOTION: Meet The Chrysler Halcyon Concept

    None of those are sold in any Chrysler markets though.
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    HARMONY-IN-MOTION: Meet The Chrysler Halcyon Concept

    A Chrysler product is going to have better build quality than a comparable Tesla product, and also benefit from a century of experience in packaging and ergonomics. One of the essential elements for a Chrysler comeback is going to be confidence. So long as Chrysler and its customers think they...
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    Tavares Speaks About EV Strategy For U.S. Given Current Politics

    A decently loaded Tesla Model 3 is $38K. Chrysler Group won’t even sell you a sedan for less than $50k when the dealer “market adjustments,” “mandatory anti-theft devices,” and other such garbage is piled on. I keep hearing about how expensive EVs are from people who are fans of automakers...
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    Affordable Adventure: 2024 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Laredo A 4x2

    Yep. Then you’re at $45K, plus the typical $5K “market adjustment” that stealerships are piling on to trucks and SUVs. Plus add another $3k for all the other add-ons that nobody wants and which they won’t take off, and you’re at $53K. Meanwhile, Tesla will deliver a brand new high-end Model Y...
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    Dodge's All-New Charger Daytona Will Debut On March 5th

    The ICE and hybrid will be slow and inefficient in comparison. The EVs will be way, WAY faster. Dodge is the performance muscle brand. Leading with the performance muscle configurations makes sense; the ICE cars will be for folks who want an inefficient, slower and less reliable ICE out of...
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    Stellantis Accidentally Leaks Images Of All-New Wagoneer S

    EV sales aren’t “stalling.” Tesla just announced 38% YOY sales growth and the new Model 3 is both lower cost and better than not only the previous generation Model 3, but most sedans in its size class (including ICE cars). Meanwhile, visit your local CDJR dealer, Ford dealer, GM store or...
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    SPOTTED: 2025 Dodge Charger Daytona 340 On Public Roads

    The gas guzzler tax, plus emissions credit requirements, make a Hemi car a non-starter at $100K or more… and it won’t accelerate as quickly nor have a top speed as high as the base EV. People need to stop yearning for obsolete tech and move on. It’s dead and gone forever.
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    SPOTTED: 2025 Dodge Charger Daytona 340 On Public Roads

    Hemis are dead and gone. They don’t meet emissions standards, and a mid-tier EV will outperform, out-accelerate and out-handle most any Hemi.
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    Stellantis Post It’s Sales Numbers For The U.S. In Q4 2023!

    I'm aware of this old-school thinking, and it's one of the things that is eroding Stellantis down to the danger zone. "Plentiful hydrocarbon" cars are in a sales free-fall; modern EVs are growing far faster. With fossil fuel vehicles, Chrysler is exiting entire segments, shutting down plants...
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    Could An All-Electric Chrysler Sedan, Redefine The Brand?

    The problem is that the ten year mark started a year ago, and Chrysler isn’t planning any new product for another two years. That means almost a third of that ten year mark will have passed before a single new vehicle is launched, and a majority of it will have passed before the brand has a...
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    Stellantis Is Pulling Out Of North American Auto Shows

    Out of sight, out of mind. These events remain popular, and Stellantis will lose consideration from people engaged enough to attend them. It’s notable that as Stellantis USA stalls and the former Chrysler slips into fourth place of U.S. auto makers, behind a surging Tesla, Tesla is...