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  1. Redbone

    EVs are dead

    Few car companies are addressing the elephant in the room; B.E.V's weigh up to 40% more than a comparable I.C.E. and a battery large enough to equal MPG are also expensive. The current best solution would be a series hybrid whereby a small combustion engine (not a I4 or V6) is solely used to...
  2. Redbone

    Stellantis working on Modular Axial flux Motor for automotive usage.

    Stellantis and Nidec PSA Emotors are involved in research institutes with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romainia) the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel as part of the MAXIMA project (Modular AXIal flux Motor for Automotive). Mercedes has...
  3. Redbone

    Stellantis CEO Confirms Ram 1500 Range Electric Paradigm Breaker (REPB)

    Mike Koval Jr. has hinted that the engine powering the range extender may not be a conventional I.C.E. during a recent online interview with Autoline Network John McElroy. Mike stated "I can say it's an exciting tech".
  4. Redbone

    Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The 2023 Jeep® Grand Cherokee!

    Like to know your mileage secrets.
  5. Redbone

    Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The 2023 Jeep® Grand Cherokee!

    I'm I only one waiting for meaningful change such as a G.C. Range Electric Paradigm Breaker (REPB) before justifying moving on from their W2K G.C. At best I'm getting 20/21 mpg or metric 13.5 L/100KM. Would like to see that vastly improve without sacrificing power, range anxiety or charge /...
  6. Redbone

    Electric Or Bust! What Is Your Opinion?

    More excited about a vehicle with a so-called range extender or a hybrid whereby a small internal combustion engine is used only to charge the onboard batteries. Not a new concept considering the 1916 Owen Magnetic as seen on Jay Leno's Garage as well as the Briggs and Stratton concept of the...