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  1. J

    The New Electric Dodge Charger Will Get An Optional Glass Roof

    With the current UAW Strike it will be interesting to see if the domestic auto industry with make the transition. Yes, we are bringing Chip manufacturing back Stateside but with labor and raw materials inequities here it remains to seen how competitive we will be. The UAW is also being held...
  2. J

    I am hearing they are rethinking the end of the V8 for Charger/Challenger

    Please correct me if I heard different but wasn't the upcoming high performance turbo straight six with better stats and metrics going to replace the hemi v8?
  3. J

    Stellantis Confirms Windsor Plant Will Be Vehicles Based On STLA Large Architecture!

    The FCA Press Releases are clear as mud! Contrary to what FCA says about the future of ICE engines in thier non-truck applications, I just can't see FCA retooling a new location factory for Chal/Char ICE based vehicles with a life expectancy of less than a ten year cycle? The article says...
  4. J

    FCA V6 Oil Housing Units

    Am I to believe that many FCA V6 Oil Housing Units are defective causing oil leaks or from oil change jockeys improperly torquring off an on the oil filters?
  5. J

    The Low Down On The Latest Information About A Smaller Ram Pickup!

    Blah Blah Blah.... Whatever someone is trying to sell you, The 'new' 700 appears to be in the continuing update mode as the basics of this model is an off shoot of the Strada and Toro that have been in test mule status around the Chelsa Proving Grounds for the past eight years! Perhaps this...
  6. J

    It's A Hurricane Of Horsepower! GME-T6 H.O. Will Make 507 Horsepower!

    I wonder with the upcoming ten year demise of the FCA ICE engines, how long and which other model applications the new six will be used and whether a less expensive six will replace the V6 Chrysler has a very good history with the other previously mass produced slant and straight sixes. But with...
  7. J

    Stellantis Teases 17 New Low Emission Vehicles (LEVs) Will Be Coming Before 2024!

    To many mixed messages coming out of FCA-PCA! Through the grapevine, Charger and Challenger to be killed off as ICE versions will be no longer available?
  8. J

    DESIGN: Chrysler Airflow Convertible Digital Design Looks Sleek!

    A very good idea! FCA has always been good in 'niche' marketing throughout the years. Especially since the Chrysler Model 'Well' is very dry lacking depth. This would be a very good 'halo' vehicle to bring visibility back to the Chrysler name.
  9. J

    Dealers Can Order Three Models Of The New 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WL74!

    GEESH! Just like everything else FCA does......A long advance announcement for an October delivery date!
  10. J

    How Did Stellantis Do In The United States In 2021?

    Could someone tell me how models going back to a 2017 production date being sold as 'new' on the annual sales report? Were they mules or EPA stat vehicles for a few years?
  11. J

    Next generation charger?

    Once again Chrysler is late to party! This must be the third or fourth 'delay' announcement on the 300[Not]/Charger/Challenger new model rollout! Every FCA model in the past has been delayed delayed delayed! Spoiler Alert: The Canadian UAW had a rough time getting a contract for the Brampton...
  12. J

    LIVE: STELLANTIS Software Day 2021 Presentation -

    Boy I thought Stellantis was going to hit a homerun with the Airflow as the savior of the Chrysler name! Very discouraging as the new car will come out in the fall of 2025! So Chrysler after the demise of the 300 will only have a van in its lineup for the next three years! GEESH! And to boot, no...
  13. J

    The Ultimate 80’s Sleeper Wagon – The AMC Eagle Trackhawk:

    Boy was I wrong! When the Eagle 4X4, the first Tauras Jellybean and the second generation Grand Cherokee were introduced, I asked myself 'what were they thinking?' Boy was I wrong!
  14. J

    Pricing For 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Lineup Will Get A Significant Hike!

    BB you have good points. I recall a few years ago when General Motors transitioned and upgraded the Corvette to a Euro-Competitor and many Vette owners felt abandon. In retrospect at the time it was a hard pill to swallow but many years later we see that Corvette and their buyers survived...
  15. J

    Pricing For 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Lineup Will Get A Significant Hike!

    WOW! Does anyone have the comp's between the Grand Cherokee L and the Dodge Durango? The price jump for the two row is quite steep! I wonder how the L compares to the Explorer and the rest?
  16. J

    A Look Back At The Real Vehicle The New Hornet Is Replacing - The Dodge Nitro:

    I completely agree with you, there was so much riding on the Dart but with it being underpowered and outplayed by the competition as well as Sergio publicly pulling the plug in mid cycle was pretty bad. The late 200 on the other hand was a weird exercise in sales forecasting and metrics. I...
  17. J

    A Look Back At The Real Vehicle The New Hornet Is Replacing - The Dodge Nitro:

    While the article is nice detailing the rise and fall of the Nitro, it was a victim of its own demise with design clues left over from the Caliber and FCA attempting to fill empty capacity at the Jeep Factory. with a Jeep 'want to be' To say the new Dodge CUV is a replacement for the Nitro is a...
  18. J

    Dodge Gives Us A Sneak Peek At It’s Newest SUV Offering For The Mexican Market:

    Soooo... while the article says it is destine for the Mexican Market, perhaps intentionally it does not say where it would be assembled? Unless there are plans to export a variant to the US, just like a vast percentage of Buicks, I believe these will be imported from China. The stand only...