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  1. CloversPlusCats

    Stellantis and other auto companies, including GM and Mercedes, to battle Tesla with new charging JV for NA • NACS and CCS included in stalls • 100% powered by renewable energy (we'll see) • First chargers deployed next summer, including in NEVI spots
  2. CloversPlusCats

    Stellantis says no to NACS for now. Thoughts? This likely squanders Ram REV hitting good sales compared to its rivals, and the Dodge may not even get a fair chance to shake the market up if it's connected to multiple below average charging networks...
  3. CloversPlusCats

    FIAT Teases Its Upcoming 600e B-Segment UV

    If Fiat becomes apart of more CDJR showrooms then yes, might work the second time around for the 500X/600. Too bad the front end is sorta crap. Curious about Alfa Romeo 'Kid' (Breenero) more now since they're actually giving these distinct designs and not pulling a Tonale/Hornet
  4. CloversPlusCats

    600 spotted camo-less in Germany
  5. CloversPlusCats

    New EVs

    *Weirds everyone in America out with our French-ness*
  6. CloversPlusCats

    New EVs

    Wasn't this because of production issues? But the near 1,000 sold all in all still looks upsetting. I bet the Bolt (both of them) sales will skyrocket though. Doubt it. Barely any automaker in the US wants to a do a B segment or lower battery electric for us and it's just disappointing. We...
  7. CloversPlusCats

    New EVs

    Whatever becomes of it might be revealed in 2024 but it won't come to market until 2025 so for sure not counted. Just the 500e for probably the next few years, and that's if they change their US plans by then. For a refresher, instead of competing in the mainstream or lower, they're kinda...
  8. CloversPlusCats

    New EVs

    This seems about correct. They relayed this information last sales report but it wasn't really touched on anywhere. There's just gonna be a Charger for now, don't expect the next thing from Dodge to be revealed until maybe a year after that.
  9. CloversPlusCats

    The Grand Wagoneer flop - sales down 21% in Q1 2023 - the market has spoken, and it wants V8s!

    He's still a board member. He just now has a position where work is less overbearing and can potentially keep tabs on projects like future performance cars. Not retired at all. There was a presentation last month where they made it clear they're still using the menu approach for different future...
  10. CloversPlusCats

    Stellantis looks to cut 3500 US hourly/skilled trade positions

    The bZ4x wouldn't be hard to beat in general. For the range and charge times it allows, the car honestly is better off with at least a upper 30's price range. No, it's not MX-30 levels of bad (that car needs to be at Bolt prices or less for what it gives), but for not too much less than what the...
  11. CloversPlusCats

    AI designs some Mopars

    Gave it another whirl with a separate DS model for a hot hatch. Because hot hatch was a keyword, I suppose the A.I. figured I wanted performance colors instead of the gold that the DS had, ended up with a lot of dark red cars.
  12. CloversPlusCats

    AI designs some Mopars

    Messing around more with A.I. A stupid what if AU where Dodge rebadged a DS 3 for the NA market. Also, apologies for the horrendous editing of these mock-ups into two collages. Each one in the second pile up had more influence from the DS image used up.
  13. CloversPlusCats

    Chrysler Teased Dealers Last Month With A 300 Successor

    If they could make a proper BEV wagon like MG has and VW might then that'd help them standout a bit better for sure. What a healthy lineup envisioned. What the hell happened to this brand..
  14. CloversPlusCats

    Chrysler Teased Dealers Last Month With A 300 Successor

    It was not that long ago when Feuell said that sedans were only being considered but not too likely since Dodge still wanted their foot in that segment. Kinda surprised she seemingly changed her tone, this meeting indicating heavily that such car is coming. For other future product, an electric...
  15. CloversPlusCats

    Stellantis’ Italian Lancia Brand Looks To An All-New Design Language For Electrification!

    Lancia will definitely stand out well enough, I feel. Also, still can't believe the one brand that is closest to their coffin has gotten a more fleshed out product plan than Chrysler, as we don't even know what's actually showing up in 2025 since they have said it won't be a production Airflow...
  16. CloversPlusCats

    Stellantis’ Italian Lancia Brand Looks To An All-New Design Language For Electrification!

    Pu+Ra HPE concept High Performance Estate/Electric/Evolved/other E buzzwords Didn't expect a genuine model so soon, even a concept. Honestly needs to grow on me.
  17. CloversPlusCats

    Stellantis’ Italian Lancia Brand Looks To An All-New Design Language For Electrification!

    Product plan update. Ypsilon HF added 'Flagship' model will be known as Gamma (no Aurelia)
  18. CloversPlusCats

    Did I see a minivan w/ an Airflow front near the Chelsea Proving Ground?

    Pacifica facelift, maybe. Was said at the dealer meet up that they wanted to do one more facelift before they inevitably replace it with a battery electric.
  19. CloversPlusCats

    Chrysler Group To Host Three Press Conferences At New York International Auto Show!

    Hopefully Chryslers next car shows up really soon (same can be said for Dodge...the production model I mean), but honestly a good initiative for what they're displaying tomorrow. I wonder if tomorrow will also be confirmed specs for the Jeep EVs but doesn't seem like it.