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    There Is A Surprising Number Of 2021 Dodge Durango SRT HELLCATs On Copart

    The amount of damaged or destroyed Durango SRT Hellcats is a result of talentless drivers, not the vehicle itself!! Your average Joe (or Jane, I'm not sexist) has NO clue how to operate a 700+ Horsepower truck on public roads!! Now, a question for Moparinsiders... How many 2021 Durango SRT...
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    Dodge Updates Its ‘Build & Price’ Configurator For 2023 Challenger & Charger

    I think the manufacturer needs to deal with the price gouging that is happening regularly with these car's, especially as production ends for the ICE models of these car's!! Supply and demand is one thing, but that'll never justify doubling, sometimes TRIPLING the sticker price!!!