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Hello folks. I am waiting for 2008 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 4.7 4x4 to be delivered from Michigan to Japan now. I’m very excited to see it soon.
As fellow 1320 owner I will share that I have a contact within FCA and I was able to get 2021 1320 production number....664. Sorry no color breakdown yet. 2019 = 1054, 2020 = 410. My 2022 1320 ordered November 13, 2021 is in D status with a scheduled build week of 2/21/22.
Oh nice. That is actually more than I thought for 2021. Looking forward to the color breakdown. Thank you very much for the info. So is your 1320 going to stay in the garage or be driven?
I would love to see the electric 500 being sold in the US and Canada. It's an awesome little car,plus I still have my beautiful red 2012 Aarth,and don't see too many Fiats on the roads recently,so it would be wonderful to see the 500s being sold again.
Hi, I just bought a very nice Ram Warlock and it comes with U Connect. I was not told at the dealership that it requires a monthly fee after the trial. I have an iPhone 11 so I don't see why I need or want this subscription. All I get online are very old articles or all of the ads for U connect. My question is what do I lose when I cancel it. Thanks anyone!
As an employee at a Jeep dealership I was highly upset with the selection of Bruce Springsteen for the Jeep Unity commercial. This person has down graded Trump and his supporters since day one and he's going to give a lecture on unity?...don't think so!
"… switching to electric is … a response to legislation rather than consumer demand."
the need to move forward … “government compliance.”
Welcome to the forums! Nice to see someone else from Oklahoma here!
Yes, thanks for the add! Great site. I’ve been on Allpar for years, good to see another Mopar site. Hopefully we will have “Mopars at The Park” in Tulsa in two weeks. IF Mother Nature cooperates!
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I hadn’t really looked into it, but I didn’t know there were any major Mopar events in Oklahoma. That might be worth checking out! I’m only an hour and a half southeast of Tulsa.
Hello. Have a 2006 grand cherokee limited a misfire and computer says po308 cylinder 8 misfire. i replaced the ignition coil and plug and is better but when parked and idleing i hit gas all the way and something flutters like misfire or cylinder flooding. PLEASE any suggestions would be appreciated lwlambert