What Is Going On With This Dodge Charger Prototype?


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What Is Going On With This Dodge Charger Prototype?
AWD Badging? R/T Wheels?

One of our spy photographers caught this Dodge Charger doing some testing around the FCA US Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan recently. What caught our eye about this car, is the fact that it has the new for 2018 “4” badging on the trunk. The “4” represents All-Wheel Drive (AWD) on the 2018 models. You might think that it isn’t anything special. Dodge has been making AWD models since 2006. However, this one is wearing a set of standard Charger R/T wheels.

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Had someone heard the car, they may have been able to determine powertrain. A turbo-6 is going to sound different than a Pentastar.

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Based on the passenger with the laptop I'd say it's definitely some sort of drivetrain testing, whether engine, transmission, emissions or something else. Maybe it's testing GME T6?
I think transmission testing might be likely. Of what variety I have no good idea.

I'd be surprised if they were doing engine testing this early. That wouldn't be a bad thing though :)

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