What does everyone currently drive?


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No mopars in the house at this time. We have all GM (hand me downs): a 2005 Lacrosse, a 2006 Impala, and an old beat up 1984? hEl Camino that I’m holding on to until we can hand it off to a nephew to rebuild as his first car. I got rid of my 1st gen Neon when it became apparent that our families newly united fleet needed to “standardize” on automatic transmissions. It was a sad day.


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Glad to see you on this site! What kind of truck are you considering?
Thanks for the welcome! I'm looking at a 2009+ Ram 1500 4wd with a Hemi. Would like a 2013 or newer, but I'm not going to be financing and I'm on a budget. I have a son who will be getting his license next fall, and the plan is when I find a truck, I'll pass my car on to my oldest son, and he will pass his car on to his brother. I've got almost a year, so I have plenty of time to find the right deal.


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Added a new vehicle to the fleet today, a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. There will be some rotating of cars now when son #2 gets his license in the fall. Son #2 will get son #1's car, and son #1 will get my Saturn. The Ram is older than the Saturn, but I couldn't pass up a truck that is in great condition, rust free, and only has 116,000 miles for under $9,000. I'll get it cleaned up and get better pictures when the weather cooperates. Need some of this white stuff to melt first (but not too fast because there is a lot of it).


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