What does everyone currently drive?


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Apr 21, 2018
Metro Detroit
2014 Dodge Charger R/T Plus AWD Sport equipped with the Mopar Scat Pack Stage 1 kit...



The car has the Mopar Scat Pack Stage 1 kit...
  • Mopar cold air intake
  • Mopar cat-back exhaust
  • Stage 1 performance PCM
  • Mopar low restriction oil filter
The car runs a Z Automotive Tazer which gives me the choice of running forced AWD or forced RWD if I don't want the normal settings. Line Lock, SRT EVIC and SRT Performance Pages, as well as Lightshow options.
  • Barton Pistol Grip Shifter
  • Tinted Windows
  • Speedlogix Billet Oil Catch Can
  • R/T Scat Pack engine half covers
  • Yokohama 255s performance tires over the stock 235s
  • Complete interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Mopar door sill guards
  • Mopar all season floor mats
  • Husky trunk liner
  • Smoked LED side marker lights
  • Vinyl carbon fiber pillar trim
  • Aluminum "345" side badging
Apr 25, 2018
@mopar22 how do you like your Dart? I bought a commuter a month ago and was searching for a used Dart GT high and low, settled on a used Cruze and while it does what it needs to, I regret not holding out for a dart.
It's a good little car, i haven't had any issues with it other then a right rear shock/strut that wa replaced 35k miles ago now. I personally find the dart a better overall car. My friend had a cruze rs and we would "race" and the dart would be better in the turns and straights. Although the cruze does get better mpg. When i'm in detroit city limits in stop and go i get low 20s, as of right now i'm 23 mpg, then going on the highways around here i get high 20s but going back home i get low 30s most time depending on the speed.

Jared B

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Apr 21, 2018
Vancouver B.C
Yeah, mines an RS 6 speed manual, of course after I bought it a blue Dart GT manual showed up at a local dealer. I would 100% agee that the Dart is probably a better overall car.

Although I'm always in the 30s MPG wise and thats what I bought it for so I can't complain too much.

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May 2, 2018
Central Florida
2004 PT Cruiser now over 407,000 miles, and my wife's 07 PT at only 84,000. In addition, we have a 2009 Ram 1500 we use to pull our camper and haul things. Love that truck.

3.5 years until retirement. Goal is to take the 04 PT to retirement and then replace the Ram with a DT.
Apr 27, 2018
Hello all.

I've got a bit of a fleet, and I'll see if I have any pictures to post on this computer. In order, oldest to youngest

1966 Dodge D100, red - 74,000 miles
1985 Honda Magna 700, red - 25,000 miles
1992 Plymouth Acclaim, white - 74,000 miles
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, slightly modified, red - 194,000 miles
2018 Ram 1500, red - <2,000 miles
we like our red vehicles.

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May 7, 2018
Still enjoying the Cherokee? I'll be reviewing one this weekend for the site.
Yes sir! I'm starting to get used to it, and recognize it as "mine" in a parking lot.

Only complaints are minor quibbles. When exiting an automatic car wash you have to push the brake pedal to get Drive to engage from Neutral, my rear tailgate lights have had moisture (new parts ordered, on backorder), and there is no part number for a rear cargo net yet.

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