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Vossen Wheels Shows Us Another TRX 6×6, In Its Latest Social Media Post!

Vossen Wheels Shows Us Another TRX 6×6, In Its Latest Social Media Post!​

Force Motorsport Designs Yet Another 6x6 TRX Variant...​

Vossen TRX 6x6 (11)2.jpg

For over a year now, Vossen has been marketing its series of Ultra Deep HF6-4 wheels on various Ram 1500 TRX models. The HF6-4 styled wheels were inspired by Vossen’s best-selling HF-5 series, however, the HF6-4 wheels were designed for ultra-wide tire setups for full-sized pickup trucks and SUVs. Available in 20-inch, 22-inch, or 24-inch configurations with either a 9.5-inch or 10-inch widths, Vossen also offers the HF6-4s in a number of finishes.


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