The New F-150


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Not beautiful but a big improvement over the chrome tonka truck monstrosities Ford has been putting out. The folding console shift lever is just idiotic. The fact the console is large enough to fold the handle down into it to “open up space” shows how ridiculously out of control the bigger=better design of trucks has become.
Many of us drive a Ford truck because we have to. I expect the new Ford F-150 to show up in the fleet at work. I don't mind driving the base models with the naturally aspirated V6. The Ecoboost with 10-speed auto combination has terrible drivability. Ford's start/stop adds even more hiccups to the driving experience. Now that the base V6 is hooked up to the 10-speed auto, I wonder if the drivability will suffer.

Using an EcoBoost V6 in a hybrid drivetrain is dumb. Unless Ford engineers use some sort of electric assist for spooling up the turbochargers, the efficiency will suffer. The F-150 hybrid system seems to be much too complicated.


A couple of things are interesting to me - console working surface, hybrid, power plugs in the bed, interior is better, but the exterior design is not good IMO. Definitely looks like a face lift vs "all new" to me too.

Will depend on your use case is, but after having my wife's Prius in my fleet for the past few months, I'm very interested in an interesting hybrid as my next vehicle.