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Stellantis Will Idle Production At 5 North American Plants Starting This Week!

Stellantis Will Idle Production At 5 North American Plants Starting This Week!​

Shutdown Due To Continuing Semiconductor Issue...​


Stellantis will temporarily close five North American assembly plants starting this week through early- or mid-April due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage. Semiconductors are the backbone of today’s automotive industry, controlling electronic features like driver-assist technologies, hybrid-electric systems, and even infotainment connectivity. With that being said, the semiconductor shortage has now affected production for several Stellantis North America vehicles. … (read full article...)


bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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We were warned. I need not tell people from whom that warning came, but it is not only a matter of economic importance, but one of national security for a nation to be independent in the design and production of critical products. It seems like yesterday that we were on the right path, we had become energy independent, our nation and our workers came first, but then. I need not tell people the then, but this semi-conductor shortage, rising gas prices, and a whole lot of doom and gloom that has started, and it seems likely more to come, all because many ignored the warning and made a big, big tragic mistake. Buyers remorse today, economic hard times tomorrow. We were warned.


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Apr 2, 2021
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100% right!!
If US doesn't wake up and make their own crap, we won't have anything! When it starts to happen with foodn LOOK OUT! As Earl Pitts would say "WAKE UP MERICA"!

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