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Ram Trucks Finish Second In U.S Sales For 2021!

Ram Trucks Finish Second In U.S Sales For 2021!​

Ram Takes Second Spot Place Back From Chevrolets Silverado...​


With another year in the books, it’s time to take a look at how Ram fared in the hotly contested full-sized pickup market. Recently Ram and Chevrolet have been battling it out for the second place position, with Ram taking the second-place spot in 2019 for the first time, while Chevrolet took the spot back in 2020.

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Dec 13, 2020
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Love this, but I would really like to know the numbers of the Classic vs the new DT Ram. Who is carrying who. I am seeing more and more new Rams, but not sure how things will play out when the Classic is gone. Also many have been saying when Chevy adds the new truck plant and increases production, it will cut into Ram sales and Chevy will be back to number 2. How is that possible? Chevy can build all the trucks they want, if they don't sell and sit on the lot while buyers continue to buy Rams, that is a mute point. The only way it would benefit Chevy is if Ram can't build enough trucks to keep up with demand. I don't think any of the 3 truck makers have that problem.
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Apr 25, 2018
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When the classic is gone Ram will finally fill out the DT portfolio, which i think is good. If they want to keep high sales # they will also need to keep the tradesman prices low (or not raise them as much after 2022) and maybe bring back an "express" DT trim. I'm also hopeful they will add a "warlock" type entry Rebel DT, which will be a requirement to compete with chevy's custom trailboss for example.

There is not a big MSRP price point difference between the classic and DT. If you configure similar base models of each, a tradesman 4x2 quad 6'-4" classic is 33,995. Same DT truck is 34400, or only a $400 difference. Anything below that is a regular cab DS which DT does not have yet.

Biggest differences are in those rebel trims. Warlock is much less than the cheapest DT rebel. But there is no quad cab DT rebel yet and i'm sure the standard features differ quite a bit. That should be an easy proplem to solve once there is not DS warlock.

DS leftover stock will likely flow into 2023 depending on how much they pump out before the line shuts down so 2nd half of 23 into 2024 will probably be the pinch point. I'm interested to see how they build out the DT. Pretty confident ram is serious about keeping #2 brand status

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