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Opel Updates Its Grandland Crossover With New Looks & New Technology:

Jared B

Site editor
Staff member
Apr 21, 2018
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Vancouver B.C
Opel Updates Its Grandland Crossover With New Looks & New Technology:
Gives Us A Glimpse Of What PSA Is Bring To The Table For Future Mopar Products...

New Opel Grandland Hybrid Crossover. (Opel) (5).jpg

Yesterday, we showed you teaser pictures of the upcoming sixth-generation Opel Astra. The Opel brand is on a roll, releasing a number of new products with electrified new options. One of those products was shown yesterday, the new Grandland.

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Deckard Cain

Well-known member
Oct 8, 2018
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The interior is getting too similar to Peugeots to my liking.


Official Pilot
Staff member
May 4, 2018
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@Deckard Cain

Interior is fine but exterior is weird. Opel was their conservative choice brand and they maybe ruined it.


You asked me about this car class size. Right?

It has around 2" less combined leg room than Compass but trunk is bigger but that's related to a rear suspension type choice and not to a platform itself. Switch Compass to this simple and space efficient suspension type (it's twisted beam) and it will have more space than this car.

Small Wide is one of the most space efficient platforms out-there.


Active member
Oct 16, 2019
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The change to the visor face works much better here than on the Crossland. Clever lighting graphics to hide the kink at the hood. The cockpit with the huge display isn't beautiful, but reminds me of the Kadett E "Mäusekino" somehow. :p

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