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Opel Expands Vivaro Lineup With New Vivaro-e Flat Bed Truck!

Opel Expands Vivaro Lineup With New Vivaro-e Flat Bed Truck!​

Electric Commercial Truck Seems Appealing For Urban Use...​


Opel continues to expand its Vivaro-e battery-electric light commercial vehicle (LCV) lineup. In addition to a panel van (Cargo), passenger van (Combi), Crew Cab, and Floor Cab, the emissions-free Vivaro-e with 50-kWh or 75-kWh lithium-ion battery is now available as a flatbed truck from German conversion specialists, Schoon Fahrzeug Systeme und Metalltechnik (Schoon Vehicle Systems and Metal Technology) GmbH.



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Oct 15, 2019
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Frostbite Falls, MN
Now that the TOFAS built Fiat Doblo is no more, I'm glad that Stellantis continues to offer chassis-cab versions for their LCVs. This particular vehicle is based on the mid-sized van platform, not the smaller sized platform. Both cutaway and cab-chassis options are found on the large LCV platform Fiat Ducato/ Ram Promaster commercial vehicles.

The "new" Fiat Doblo uses the smallest of the three van platforms developed with PSA. It no longer has a cab-chassis option. There was never any cab-chassis or Work Up versions of the ProMaster City offered in North America by Ram. The new badge engineered Doblo would not be a suitable Ram PMC replacement, in my opinion. I'm not saying the new Fiat Doblo is a bad vehicle, it would make an excellent PT Cruiser replacement. The medium platform this Opel Vivaro (shared with Fiat Scudo ) would make a much better ProMaster City base than the smaller van. The big advantage for Stellantis for their mid and small LCVs over the outgoing Doblo's TOFAS design is Stellantis owns the design outright, so there are no contractual obligations on where these vehicles can be built.

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