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Next-Gen Mopar Drag Pak Race Car To Feature Hurricane I6 Power!

Next-Gen Mopar Drag Pak Race Car To Feature Hurricane I6 Power!​

'CAT X' Engine Will Be Available For Racing Applications...​


One of the important things we learned from yesterday’s announcement, is the Chrysler Group engineers are hard at work on the development of a new race version of the Hurricane dubbed “CAT X”. CAT being short for ‘category’ a play on words for the strength of an actual Hurricane, the new HurriCrate engine will be a race-oriented engine that is currently “under review” according to internal documents released by the automaker.



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Jun 27, 2018
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Question it would be within Indycar rules to run as straight six ..... just sayin

bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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I was so into drag racing for years, trailered my ‘69 Barracuda all over the country just having fun. Still love these Drag Pak Challengers, would like to drive one, and I agree with Triple, this Hurricane version should be a monster. Above all it cements the Hurricane engine line as the mainstay for the Challenger for decades as Dodge well knows, electric is not for the masses and can not sustain the brand if there is no gas powered motivation under the hood.
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