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Next-Gen Ford Mustang Spied For The First Time With Production Body


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Apr 21, 2018
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Metro Detroit

Next-Gen Ford Mustang Spied For The First Time With Production Body​

The redesigned pony car should have a familiar face.​

We've known for some time that the seventh-generation Ford Mustang is deep into development. Occasional sightings of test mules haven't revealed much in the way of styling, but now we have our first look at the next Mustang wearing its production body.


This prototype is obviously well hidden beneath heavy camouflage, but we can still see the outline of a grille similar to present-day Mustangs behind the lighter coverings. The camouflage on the front mimics the GT500's face, but don't be concerned about the new Mustang adopting a massive grille similar to the BMW 4 Series. We can see a bumper separating the grille from the lower fascia, and we can also make out thin headlights flanking the opening. Overall, the nose looks more angular and perhaps a bit flatter and narrower compared to the sixth-generation car on sale today.



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May 31, 2018
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It will come out the same time as the next Challenger. Ford’s boss claims it’s going to be the last V8 muscle car.
But we know the 6.4 HEMI is staying, but is it in the classic or the new generation?

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