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Great source of information, news and tech. I have seen numerous Moparinsiders posts over the past few months and signed up. Great resource! Long time Mopar fan. I have had the following vehicles: 1973 Plymouth Fury I Police Package 400 CI/4 Barrel, 1976 Plymouth Gran Fury Police Package with 440 - car was ordered with municipal fleet for private use and high level administrator's wife drove it. Nicely equipped! Bought it in 1979 with 31,000 miles. That was a great car! 2010 HEMI Dodge Charger Pursuit RWD loaded purchased new - company car, 2014 HEMI Dodge Charger Pursuit RWD purchased new - company car, 2017 HEMI Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD purchased new - company car. Anyone know what the current lead time is for new Charger build out at Brampton plant? Fleet dealer reports status is BG. Any information appreciated!

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Welcome, thanks for the kind words. I know a few guys that have ordered Challengers in the past few weeks which come out of Brampton too and they've been told about 6 weeks. We are at the point of the year now though where the changeover to 2020 models could affect wait times.

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