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NASCAR COO Says A New OEM “Close To The Finish Line” About Joining The Sport!

NASCAR COO Says A New OEM “Close To The Finish Line” About Joining The Sport!​

NASCAR's Electrification Strategy Goes Hand-And-Hand With Dodge...​


For the past 9 years, there have been rumors on and off about the Dodge brand making a return to NASCAR competition. After winning the NASCAR Cup Series Championship with Penske Racing in 2012, Dodge abandon the sport after the team dropped the automaker amid a switch to the sixth-generation of stock car. This was due to Dodge refusing to sign a multi-year extension with Penske and instead wanted to do a year-by-year contract.


bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Your point is well taken, in fact, it’s totally on target. Indeed, all the right circumstances seem to be aligned to make this happen especially for us suffering Dodge fans. Dodges decision to go electric to some extent or all in it seems creates tremendous issues that everyone inside and outside corporate knew would happen. Mating the next generation Challenger “Super Car” an electric dominator performance car of the future to NSCAR, to Tony Stewart and to racing fans everywhere would ease this e-muscle transition from conflicting obstacle to a rallying cry for Dodge. Dodge returning to NASCAR frankly is not a choice, but a necessity. End our pain and get the Dodge brand out front and center again. Electrifying!

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