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I don't know about you, but I feel there is a serious lack of Mopar gifs out there. Obviously, something had to be done. So I tested a few sites and settled on Imgur. I only have the one for now but I'll add more in the future. Probably starting from the newest to the oldest.

Might even do requests! (3).gif
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Cody's Car Conundrum

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@Cody's Car Conundrum there's a site called Giphy you can use to turn a video into a .gif file - the ones on Imgur look like looped video files instead of gifs. Giphy is what I use when doing the before/after rendering gifs. :)
Thanks for pointing that out! Didn't know about that until I double checked. Imgur does have a "download image" button in a drop-down menu when you scroll over the image and get the gif file, but the file size is still too big anyway. The reason I don't use GIPHY is that gifs seem to become choppy when I make a gif with them. Imgflip has the sort of the same way, you have to get the start and end times just right to keep the FPS to an acceptable level (acceptable for me anyway, choppy gifs annoy me, haha).

I used GIPHY to make the gif below and it was looking good on the site but now it's choppy for some reason. Below the GIPHY version is the one I made on Imgur (with a few alterations).


Imgur Altered:


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