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Jeep® To Unveil All Battery-Electric Wrangler Two-Door Concept In Moab:

Jeep® To Unveil All Battery-Electric Wrangler Two-Door Concept In Moab:​

This 4xe Will Be All-Electric...​


With the growing global emissions restrictions, the automotive industry is on a shift towards electrification. The Jeep® brand is on a mission to become a leader in electrification with its new 4xe lineup of vehicles. The iconic off-road brand has already launched plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) versions of its Renegade and Compass in Europe, … (read full article...)

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Oct 15, 2019
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Frostbite Falls, MN
I hope something like this makes it to production, I need a replacement for the DJ-5E. :)

That's not a steel cable and hook in that winch, it's an extension cord.:p (Just kidding!)

BTW, I see Jeep posted the build and price for the Wrangler Unlimited 4Xe. I can't afford one. While I'm the subject of the Unlimited, I sort of understand why Jeep put the battery electric drivetrain in the regular two-door Wrangler. It would be so wrong to use the term "Unlimited" for a BEV.

The best case scenario is Stellantis builds this BE Jeep for a compliance car like what FCA did with the original Fiat 500e. When compliance cars come off lease they tend to be very affordable. With the production line in Toledo already set up for battery installation, combined with battery prices coming down, this BE Jeep might be more feasible than the Fiat EV was.

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