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Jeep® Gladiator To Get Convertible Top Tonneau Cover Carrier?

Jeep® Gladiator To Get Convertible Top Tonneau Cover Carrier?​

New Patient Shows A Possible Solution To Storing Your Hard-Top On The Move...​


The midsized Jeep® Gladiator (JT) was designed to be the most off-road capable Jeep pickup ever. Building on the rich heritage of the Wrangler, the Gladiator offers an authentic Jeep open-air experience. For those owners who have optioned for a three-piece hard-top, it can be truly hard to find a place to store it once you take it off the vehicle. Sure you have the front “Freedom” panels which can be stored in a canvas bag, but if you want the full open-air experience, you better have extra room in the garage for the rear section of the roof.


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