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Is The Citroën Brand Returning To The U.S. In The Form Of Carsharing?

Is The Citroën Brand Returning To The U.S. In The Form Of Carsharing?​

Free2Move Teases Citroën Ami Arrival...​


Over the weekend, we discussed the Free2Move carsharing program owned by Stellantis and its expansion in the U.S. market. While that information was being announced, a post on the company’s U.S. Twitter and LinkedIn accounts has a lot of people talking about the future of the Citroën brand in the American marketplace.

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Dec 28, 2020
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Back in the day, our dealership sold the Think and GEM NEVs. They were quite popular for a while. As the population ages (and me along with it) and standard vehicles become increasingly expensive, I can see a market for them with people reluctant to give up vehicle ownership (and it's 24/7 availability sitting in their garage) vs. Uber/Lyft rideshare, even if rideshare is cheaper.

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