FCA reports April 2018 sales

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Wrangler has best sales month ever, up 58%
It's May 1st which means FCA is reporting their April sales numbers. As a whole FCA sold 184,149 vehicles, up 5% compared to 176,176 vehicles sold last April.

Jeep posted record April sales of 82,641 vehicles with the Wrangler posting its best sales month ever of 29,776 vehicles. Jeep Compass sales more than tripled to 11,521 vehicles.

Ram truck moved 36,560 vehicles to retail customers, this is the most retail sales the brand has ever had in the month of April, edging out last Aprils record of 35,558 retail sales by 3 percent. While retail sales were up, fleet sales were down bringing overall sales down 9% compared to last year. Retail and fleet sales combined, the Ram brand sold 43,074 vehicles in the month of April.

Chrysler sales were down 18% compared to April 2017 with 14,189 vehicles sold last month. The Chrysler Pacifica posted a 5% retail sales gain with 7,864 vehicles sold.

Dodge was up 4% with 40,994 vehicles sold, the aging Journey had it's best April sales month ever with sales up 39% for a total of 11,638 sales.

Fiat was down 45% with a total of 1,404 sales.

Alfa Romeo had 1,847 sales last month. The Giulia lead the charge going home with 1,123 buyers, Stelvio sold 702 units with the remaining 22 sales presumably being the 4C.

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