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FACT SHEET: FCA Apple Experience | Brand Playlists
FCA has launched Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep® and Ram branded playlists exclusively on Apple Music to coincide with the yearlong offer announced this past March, giving consumers six months free of Apple Music* with the purchase of any new Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep or Ram vehicle with standard CarPlay support.

Music has played a key role in defining FCA’s brand portfolio. The Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep and Ram brand-curated playlists give customers a new opportunity to connect with each brand’s individual identity through music. Each brand has its own genre, reflecting its personality and that of its customers.

Chrysler Playlists:
  • Kid Jams 4 The Fam: A new spin on children’s tunes that’ll bring out the kid in you
  • Carpool Sanity: Chill music for morning madness
  • Adult Ears Only: May contain grown-up words
  • Date Night: No Kids. All Romance.
Dodge Playlists:
  • Leah Pritchett Jams: Hip-hop that gets Leah pumped
  • Pack Leader: Current hits stripped from popular music videos starring Dodge
  • Get Revved Up: Blood-pumping music for all your burnout needs
  • Classic Muscle: Tunes for everyday cruising
FIAT Playlists:
  • PCH Cruisin’: Chill vibes for a coastal cruise
  • Groovy Sunday: Groovy tunes to get you ready for the week
  • Dance Party: Dance hits to keep the party going while you drive
  • Good Goodbye: Songs to celebrate freedom, because sometimes single is better
Jeep Brand Playlists:
  • Off-Road Jams: Heart-pounding songs for your extreme off-road excursions
  • #JeepHairDon’tCare: Groovy tunes to get you ready for the week
  • Throwback Road Trip: Classic songs that fuel good memories for miles
  • Top’s Off Hip-Hop: Current hip-hop hits to amp up your drive
Ram Playlists:
  • CMT’s Finest: Our favorite winners and nominees from country’s biggest night
  • Country Fusion: Genre-bending artists and songs push the sound of country music
  • Ram Jams: Our favorite Ram artists mixed with some of modern country’s finest
  • Ram Rising: Buzzed-about country artists take center stage
*This offer is available with the purchase of any new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and FIAT models equipped with CarPlay support and/or BeatsAudio, during the program period (05/01/2018 through 04/30/2019). New Apple Music subscribers will receive six months free. Buyers already subscribed to Apple Music will receive three months free.

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I think this is a really cool and innovative idea, it would be nice to see them do the same for google play music as well.

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