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DSR Looks To Return To Success At This Week’s NHRA New England Nationals:

Jared B

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Apr 21, 2018
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Vancouver B.C

DSR Looks To Return To Success At This Week’s NHRA New England Nationals:​

Pruett & Hagan Feature Two New Paint Schemes...​


The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Camping World Drag Racing Series returns to New England Dragway, after a 1-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Looking for their first win of the 2021 season, the Don Schumacher Racing (DSR) Mopar teams are looking to get back the success of last year’s undefeated season.

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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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So far, a disappointing season, especially in Factory Stock. Drag racing has been an important part of my life as a participant and fan and my loyalty to Mopars, a passion. Sadly, the sport as I knew it, a grassroots, amateur dominant and affordable form of racing has been lost on a staged show of a few highly paid professionals. Factory Stock is a last remnant of pureist racing and with only two factory backed Mopar cars on one team, regular folks are abandoning NHRA racing in droves. NASCAR is on the ropes too as the origins of the sport are lost on too many high buck investors who put profits ahead of down home racing. I call it professional wrestling on wheels. Predictable, sensationalized and exclusive to a few actors. Self inflicted demise.

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