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DS4, soon on the road.


Feb 8, 2019
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Big thanks to Deckard Cain providing links to "LIGNES/auto", which also has an interesting article in english about the design of the new DS4.


A very dynamic stern.
It is undoubtedly from this angle that the DS4 is truly unique in the premium compact segment:
1- the side of the body rolls up to the tailgate (in 1′ on the right). Is the tailgate made of composite materials? No, once again, the stampers have been put to the test!
2-The headlights adopt the scale theme but also copy those of the Porsche, in particular with a hollowed volume of the most beautiful effect (in 2′ on the right and below).
3- The sharp vertical edge is imposed by an advanced aerodynamic research.
4- As on the C4, the door trims overflow under the rocker panel and this black arch tries to make the (sheet metal) silhouette look more airy.
5- The rear window is almost flat and its dimensions are slightly larger than those of the interior rear-view mirror glass ! It’s still better than on the Divine concept car which didn’t need a rear window…

Click here for the full LIGNES/auto article.

Deckard Cain

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Oct 8, 2018
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I think the rear window visibility will be crap, but practicality on premium products is always a low priority.

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