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Don’t Forget About The 2022 Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk!

Don’t Forget About The 2022 Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk!​

Still An Affordable & Capable Off-Roader...​


Many people may not still realize that the 2022 Jeep® Cherokee (KL) is still in production. With all of the attention given to the Jeep Compass (MP) these days, the Cherokee tends to be overshadowed although it offers a much more attractive package overall than the Compass.



May 7, 2018
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4+ years later and I still love mine.

Finally took a good road trip in it last month, and it's just as comfy as it's always been for me. Although we discovered that it's not so well suited for my 5'0" wife for long drives :oops:

About two months ago, I managed to catch a wash mitt on my driver's door "Cherokee" badge, so I took it as an excuse to order new badges from a Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. And, while I was at it, I ordered new 4x4 and Trailhawk badges for the tailgate from a new WL. This almost finishes my re-badging using Wrangler/Grand Cherokee badges that match the Trailhawk colours better than the plain grey badges the KL has. Now I just need to figure out the rear Jeep badge.


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