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Dodge Rampage Rendering Makes Us Crave A Car-Based Pickup!

Dodge Rampage Rendering Makes Us Crave A Car-Based Pickup!​

Who Is With Us?​


In the early 1980s, Dodge created the Rampage a subcompact, unibody, two-door pickup based on the Dodge Omni platform. The small front-wheel-drive (FWD) pickup competed with the likes of the Volkswagen Rabbit Sportruck and Subaru BRAT. With only 37,401 units produced over a three-year production run, the Rampage was particularly popular at the time but has become a cult favorite amongst Mopar fans today.


Bob O.

New member
Sep 26, 2021
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WOW, Love it but just like the Dakota, Dodge Ram will not build it.. driving a Chevy Colorado and liking it, sorry.. snooze you lose

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