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Cleaning Your Wheels And Removing Bugs


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Nov 10, 2021
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Wooster, Ohio
Tired of having to throw away your brushes because of brake dust? Do you find it taking too much time removing the bugs on the front of your vehicle? With this inflation gong on, are items you buy to care for your car on hold? Try using Bounce dryer sheets. On your wheels, first put on a flexible glove so the brake dust doesn't blacken your fingers. Do the wheels first before you wash the vehicle. Wet down the wheel you are going clean and wet down the dryer sheet. Then take the wet sheet and with light pressure, go over one half of the wheel removing the brake dust. Rinse thoroughly and then do the other half. Unless you have extreme dust, one sheet can do two wheels. Now if you have a lot of bugs like the Florida love bugs or the Lake Erie mayflies, first wet down the areas affected EXCEPT THE WINDSHIELD!!!!! The reason is when you use the dryer sheets, it makes for a "milky" film coating and can make your windshield wipers smear the glass and impair your vision. I can't empathize this enough. Apply the same light pressure you did for wheels, remove the bugs and rinse thoroughly. Then wash your vehicle including the wheels and the area you cleaned the bugs off. And when your done, just throw away the old dryer sheets. All this may take more time to do, but it also saves you some money. It's kept the wheels on my 2006 Town and Country Touring clean for over 319,000 miles.


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