Chrysler at Carlisle.


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Looks like an awesome show. I'll have to make a trip out of it sometime and get down there.


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Try and get lots of pictures/video! (y)
I am hoping mama can take the day off and my son can get his hellcat thrill ride.

It is usually just me and him for Carlisle cause they chaneed the weekend 2 years ago to her weekend to work.

Will try to get some good pictures and hopefully the Redeye will be there with the demon


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4 more days. Looks like momma can come. We are just heading down Saturday morning for Chrysler, but we have a camping trip planned for Trucks.

What I am hoping son to be able to do the hellcat experience...a Rebel in the ride and drive...maybe a TRX appearance.

Also hope to see the Redeye, and we saw the Demon last year, but can not wait to see it again this year.

Roadrunners and super bees, 50 years. Gonna be awesome.


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I will take some pictures. I will do my best to make them look "professional". Only two more days. We can not wait. Hoping Dodge shows up with all the goodies. And hope Ram brings one too.

It is gonna be awesome with the roadrunner super bee anniversary and the modern stuff just keeps getting more exciting.


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Well, we made our trip to Chrysler Nationals. Our day started out pretty horrible. Heard the announcer at the Hellcat Thrill ride say riders under 15 must ride with an adult. We scurry over and get right in line to register, only to find oUT you also have to be over 48 inches. My boys heart sank...he is only 43ish. So that dampened our day.

But we got to spend time among all generations of Mopar vehicles.

Got to see a few Demons, lots of Hellcats, almost a Dozen General Lees, he got to check out the toys, and got an old military Powerwagon that so far hasn't left his side.

He got a Demon tattoo, some stickers and some more memories.

The thrill ride bummed us out so much that we really didn't stay too long. We also didn't get to take mom, she couldn't get off work.

So it was still a great day, just wasn't as awesome as we hoped.

Did get to see the Mopar Red 5th Gen though. So that was cool.

On to trucks in 3 weekends. Hope to get more 5th Gen shots there.

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