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Chrysler’s 300 Sedan Could Live On In The Age Of Electrification!

Chrysler’s 300 Sedan Could Live On In The Age Of Electrification!​

New Teaser Shows Us What The Next Chrysler Sedan Will More Than Likely Look Like...​


Despite zero investment in marketing or any major updates since 2015, the Chrysler 300 Series continues to put up strong sales numbers in its segment. While the current Chrysler 300 has been drastically updated since its initial debut in 2004, it has remained on the same LX architecture. With that architecture scheduled to come to an end in 2024, a lot of people have questioned the future of the 300 nameplate.



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Apr 24, 2022
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Boy, someone is finally thinking at Chrysler! Instead of throwing away a recognized marketable name, they are considering transitioning it to the new world order!


Apr 14, 2019
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Buffalo ny
Sedan market may be shrinking, but Chrysler can follow the amc approach of filling the gaps in the market. There are sedan buyers out there, I’m one of them. I see a need for an affordable luxury sedan. Large trunk plenty of room Cushy ride. A sporty version and top tier New Yorker brougham


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Aug 31, 2018
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I agree there are uses for sedans. Dodge will likely keep the fleet market - but then again maybe an electric police vehicle makes sense in urban cities (fast acceleration and quiet patrolling).

The question facing leadership is

Do you go bold and capture attention/respect/lure (ala Atlantic) at the cost of volume
Do you go mainstream and capture buts in seats (ala Chrysler 200 jellybean) at the cost of profit/competition
Do you go high tech and capture younger people at a higher price point (ala Dart) at the cost of profit or your classic demographic
Do you go ease of ownership/use and abstract the tech away and make it easier for those who just want reliable wheels and separate you self from all but touch screens and gadgets that make non-technies frustrated
Do you go theme and have people ask "what size would you like your Chrysler in"

What hopefully they don't do is try to do all of those.....

bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Some clear thinking here. Foreign manufacturers have not waved the white flag on sedans, why should Chrysler? If after over a decade and basically no engineering, styling or marketing support there is still demand for the 300, clearly, logic driven,truthfully, this baby has legs. 300, separate from Airflow, Pacifica and that electric fantasy poppycock should be reinvented as a luxury sedan in tradition rich styling, with available ICE power. That Airflow looks to be just another clone of dozens of electrics that will be lost in a sea of look alike vehicles now embraced by manufacturers all drinking the same Kool Aid. In my opinion a next generation 300 luxury sedan is the best bet to under pin reinventing Chrysler. History, culture, personality not gimmicks. Go with proven traditional attributes. This baby still has legs, that’s fact driven, obvious.

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