Chevy Blazer split headlights revealed in spy shots


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Chevy Blazer split headlights revealed in spy shots
The trend continues

The upcoming Chevrolet crossover SUV, frequently referred to as Chevy Blazer until the company officially announces the name, has been spotted once again. This time, Chevy engineers left the Blazer's lights on, giving us a glimpse at some new design details. Up front it appears the Blazer will have split headlights, much like those seen on the Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Kona, and the previous generation Jeep Cherokee. The main lamps are low in the front fascia, with LED running lights higher up. Between the lights is a large and low grille, the shape and size of which could be reminiscent of the refreshed Malibu.

Around the back, we can see a bit of the taillights. They look very similar to those found on the Malibu and Equinox, but they seem to have more pronounced LED elements that form little "Y" shapes. Another interesting note is that this model lacks the rectangular exhaust tip surrounds in the rear bumper seen on another example of the crossover. Instead, this Blazer just has simple half-circle cutouts in the rear bumper for the tips. As such, this is probably a lower trim version of the crossover.

Inside, there are no major revelations. This one does appear to use the same type of climate controls as the Chevy Camaro and the last prototype we saw. We can also make out the infotainment screen that protrudes up and away from the dashboard.

We do expect the new Blazer to fit somewhere between the compact Equinox and the large Traverse, since the last time we saw one testing, it was driving along with a Nissan Murano, a competing midsize crossover. With that size in consideration, it could very likely use a version of the C1XX platform found underneath the GMC Acadia, which also comes in at a slightly smaller size than the Traverse. It will likely feature a transverse mounted engine and both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive drivetrains. We expect it will appear in production form sometime next year. Current rumors have the name as Blazer, but TrailBlazer is another distinct possibility for the crossover.

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It's funny that the 2014 Cherokee introduced this look and now that they've moved away from it other manufacturers are going after that look.

2014 Jeep Cherokee

2019 Hyundai Kona

2019 Jeep Cherokee

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