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CAUGHT: Maserati’s New GranTurismo Is Wearing Alfa Romeo Giulia Disguise!

CAUGHT: Maserati’s New GranTurismo Is Wearing Alfa Romeo Giulia Disguise!​

New Coupe Will Be On Giorgio EVO Platform...​


The Maserati brand is in the process of reinventing itself. Starting with the launch of its new mid-engined 2022 Maserati MC20 super sportscar, a new portfolio of luxury performance vehicles is in development for the ‘trident’ brand. One of the most anticipated vehicles in that upcoming portfolio is the new GranTurismo Grand Tourer (GT) coupe.

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bill burke

Dec 9, 2020
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I have the opinion that Maserati is best positioned in product offering, with organization vision, execution and sales and marketing clarity, IMO already on the path in many markets, to being a very successful brand. This new GT is proof positive of the soundness of all these elements in the so called “reinvention” process, which I call rather a “refinement” process. I do hope, actually argue aggressively, that the fundamental engineering done to create this world class RWD super coupe migrates almost in entirety to Alfa Romeo and Dodge as the next generation, brand interpreted muscle coupes. Why reinvent the wheel when this modified and refined platform and its associated costs can be spread across the corporation to the benefit of more of the players? Specifically I speak to a Europen configured Giulia coupe and the next generation American muscle car configured Challenger. Indeed, it is a necessity, not a request. It is cost effective too. Oh yes, Charger and Chrysler get to use this gift too. Bullseye!!
In this collective thinking we have Maserati, currently doing well in a variety of areas globally, creating a foothold in its market more successfully currently than Alfa Romeo, with the potential to refine, if not reinvent itself with a ground breaking coupe. As a bonus, pay attention here, Maserati can do so for more than itself. Can sound business sense overcome brand hubris is the sticking question here. Let’s hope the process can be done on the hush-hush to keep intact brand integrity while spreading the wealth. We shall see. The plan has been laid out right here for consideration and common sense it does make, absolutely. I modestly argue again with conviction a way forward. Yes world, the coupe is not dead, long live two doors and zoom, zoom. Bullseye!!!
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